The Fyber Cafe


The Fyber Cafe is a home business in Golden, Colorado, owned by Pat Martinek, a fiber artist for over 50 years.  Services include:

  1. - Dog hair spinning, knitting, weaving, and felting (chiengora) of many breeds made to order with your dog’s fiber ($18/ounce finished yarn).

  2. - Felted statues and portraits made of your dog from your photos, and fiber if available.

  3. - Custom processing and spinning fleeces not accepted by commercial fiber mills

  4. - Custom blending of a variety of fibers into your fleece including yak, dog, bison, silk, alpaca, beaver, mink, and many breeds of sheep wool

  5. - Handmade quill spindles made to fit your spinning wheel

  6. -Private and group lessons in Denver area in spinning, knitting, weaving, wet and needle felting, Temari (balls), chemical and natural dyeing

- The Fyber Cafe has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, www.ThePenny Hoarder/chiengora, Denver Post, Golden Transcript (see last page of website), Boulder Daily Camera, and other local publications.  People love their dogs and what can be done with their fiber!      


Phone:  720-400-3420

I can spin your dog hair brushings (Wonderful Woof Wool) into fluffy natural color chiengora yarn.  $18/ounce finished yarn flat rate, including blending with same-color wool or alpaca fiber.  I also can knit, weave, and felt your yarns into practical wearables. 

I can hand-felt a keepsake portrait of your dog using your photo and dog hair.  See next page for prices.

I am a one-person business, so rely on phone calls and Emailing to provide you with information and ordering specifics. 


Doghair statues, yarn, knitted and woven pieces

       Spun dog hair yarn

Felted portraits of your dog or pet